About Us

Hello! Welcome to Earthly Luxuries

Earthly Luxuries is a lifestyle based business promoting a holistic approach to life. We symbolize our timepieces to be of generational wealth as their history and value may be passed down for your future loved ones to inherit.

Our founder, Cameron Blanks, believes in living and finding purpose in everyday with a optimistic mindset as he believes our mind, body, and spirit resides living in abundance.

Our core mission is to provide the highest quality wooden timepieces that our customers can connect with and bring them closer to peace and purpose. We strive to better ourselves, our company, and endeavor to create elegant, environmentally sustainable watches with unique creativity and utility for daily use. Since our establishment in 2020, our intention is to offer affordable luxury wooden watches and accessories.

We are mission driven and as part of our commitment to our team members and clients we strive for higher quality and clientele satisfaction.

On our page we invite you to browse through our selection of quality wooden timepieces. We hope that you can see our passion through our products and bless you & your future with the opportunity to pass down a piece of generational wealth.